3 own goals from Brighton will rightly hog the headline. But the winning margin should not mask Liverpool’s continued profligacy in front of goal. This is a match Liverpool could, and should have scored ten.

Not clinical
Brighton’s aspiration to pass their way out of defence without the required capability, coupled with some comical defensive mistakes and an extremely casual keeper, inevitably led to their downfall. But despite their utmost effort to create chances for Liverpool, we still needed them to score 3 on behalf.

Gerrard-Adam a defensive liability
Brighton scored from a direct freekick from their best player of the match, Lua Lua. Liverpool’s broken 3-man wall made it easy for him. But this was not the only chance Brighton had. Though lacking in quality, Brighton was allowed to threaten Liverpool’s goal on a number of occasions. There was a lack of urgency in pressing by Liverpool midfield until the edge of their own box. Gerrard-Adam partnership is not compact and defensively-aware enough. Better team would have punished Liverpool severely last night.

Downing needs to change
Carroll had one of his better games for Liverpool, with one nice left-foot finish from a Downing low cross. Much criticism has been leveled on him for his lack of movement and his tendency to jump from a stationary position, instead of attacking the ball in the air. I think Downing needs to change to assist Carroll. Gerrard understands this. His few crosses were to the space in front of Carroll. Downing on the other hand, tended to look up, identify Carroll’s position and cross to his standing position. A change in this will help Carroll immensely.

Last note, Suarez should not take penalty again. Second missed penalty of the season. Both were very poorly taken indeed.
Liverpool 6 Brighton 1: MOTM for Liverpool? Brighton defence! Full View


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